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Premium Servicing

Dedicated to meeting the specific demands of Mercedes,SMART, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, and Audi owners, our team shares your passion for performance, service and value. Our servicing expertise will ensure you vehicle performs at the level you have come to expect.

Online DSB (Digital service book) Service schedules can be checked and updated according to manufacturer.

Service schedules vary depending on the vehicle but include a full vehicle inspection.

Key features of a service include :

Change engine oil and filter

Check/Amend all under bonnet fluid levels

Check interior and exterior lights

Check suspension components (suspension arms, track rod ends etc )

Check/Report tyre condition

Check/Correct tyre pressures

Check/Report brake condition

Check/Report vehicle underside for leaks and damage

Lubrication of all locks and hinges

Check lamps on instrument cluster for proper operation.







Modern vehicles have an advanced chain of control modules that run the necessary functions of the vehicle from central locking to the complex engine management system. We have invested on dealer level fault finding equipment to ensure the fault is found quickly and with great accuracy.

Diagnostic services include:

Dealer level diagnostic procedures

Programming and coding

Vehicle software updating

Vehicle personalisation

Wiring repairs

CAN/MOST system diagnosis


New and Renovated Car Sales

Looking for a new upgrade? Or perhaps you have your eye on a previous model. We can help you find what you are looking for